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Body to Body Massage

The body to body massage is a very old form of massage treatments from Asia, for centuries it finds application in numerous massage parlors there.

Body to body massage is doing nothing more than the masseur is also naked and carried out the massage by mutual physical contact. During the classic variant of this massage there will be no sexual contact.

The course of massage is similar to a classical full body massage. First, there is a normal massage. Thereafter, the entire body is generously equipped with massage oil and it begins the actual body to body massage. This treatment is a full body massage, is built in the direct therapists body contact to the treated person. The massage is performed by full body use of the masseur. The gentle massage and the close physical contact vanishes to the real world and finds highest pleasures and relaxation.

The body to body massage is especially stimulate the body's own perception and lead to inner relaxation.

So if you want to go on a new journey of the senses, the body to body massage is recommended for sure.

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