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Eyebrow / Eyebrow

Meanwhile, one of the most popular piercings, pierced mostly on the outer third of the eyebrow and can be both, vertically and horizontally engraved. A very nice effect is there, if you placed side by side several pieces of jewelry. If the piercing is healed, you can use a bar that only makes the two balls visible without any problems. 

Healing time: 4 - 8 weeks

Price: 30,-- CHF *


Earlobe / earlobe

The Lobe Piercing - or "ear piercing" popularly known is probably the most common piercing. The Lobe Piercing is stung up on the outer edge of the ear and then passes into the helix piercing. The precise delineation between the two piercings is handled very differently. The Earlobe sits ideally not too close to the edge, especially when it is to be expanded later. 

Healing time: 2 - 3 weeks

Price: 25,-- CHF *


Nostril / nasal wall

The nose piercing is engraved on the side wall of the nose. Cartilage piercings in principle need a longer healing period. At first use a ring of sufficient diameter, this should be chosen because the piercing otherwise migrate and can outgrow. 

Healing time: about 4 weeks

Price: 50,-- CHF *

Septum / nasal septum

The septum piercing is pierced through the mixed tissues (skin / cartilage) at the lower end of the nasal septum. It should be engraved in the horizontal position as possible in order not to affect the facial symmetry unfavorably. Bevorzogter first use: septum retainer. Healing time: 2 - 3 months

Price: 75,-- CHF * 

Tongue / tongue

This piercing is usually placed in the middle of the tongue.

However, it requires some patience, because shortly after piercing the tongue swells normally on. Therefore, the long bar at the top is absolutely necessary. 

Healing time: 2 - 3 weeks

Price: 75,-- CHF * 

 *) All prices incl. Jewelry (titanium, alternatively PTFE), maintenance material and guidance!

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