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Navel / Navel

Piercing that is usually engraved from above through the navel fold.

Healing time: 3 - 6 Months

Price: 60, - EUR *


It is possible as a vertical, or diagonal piercing through the nipple. It is also possible to pierce behind a nipple - then at the root nipples or even stabbed in the area of ​​the areola, 

healing time up to 3 months

Price: 1 nipple 40, - EUR, both 70 EUR * 


Piercing, which is engraved beneath the larynx above the breastbone. The risk of inflammation or the outgrowth is very high. If i's healed without problems, this piercing is a guaranteed eye-catcher. If things go wrong, an ugly scar remains. The risk of tearing out is high, because one often gets stuck in it. 

Healing time: 6 to 12 months

Price: 60, - EUR *


Surface Piercing / Surface, for example, Neck, arms, abdomen

Piercing, which, as the name implies, is superficially stabbed through the skin. Surface piercings are piercings that are pierced in places that do not belong in the category of standard piercings, for example, Neck (Madison, see above), chest (sternum or cleavage), wrist (wrist), Handwoven. The successful treatment of such piercings is very low, most of these piercings grow out over time and leave scars. 

Healing time: about 4 weeks (varies and depends on the position of the piercing)

Price: from 30, - EUR *

 *) All prices incl. Jewelry (titanium, alternatively PTFE), maintenance material and guidance! 

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