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A piercing across the glans. The length of the branch canal and thus the jewelry should be measured in the erect state to avoid subsequent bruising. It can be pierced through the urethra, which are then actually "two" piercings, or past it. The first method is more common. The origin of Ampallang is native to Indonesia. 

Healing time varies from 4 - 6 weeks to 3 months.

Price: 100, - EUR *


This piercing passes in a 90 ° - angle to Ampallang in the penile shaft, ie in the range of larger blood vessels (corpora cavernosa), the urethra and of nerve fibers. It is also often stung by the glans, usually between the approach of the foreskin and the glans frenulum top, sometimes behind the glans. Often the Apadravya is an extension of a Prince Albert, ie as puncture channel can be used the input of the PA. Healing time: 6 - 10 weeks, shorter if a healed PA already exists.

Price: 100, - EUR *


A piercing through the glans edge. This piercing is closely linked to the practice of circumcision and to win by any existing reduced sensitivity of the glans back. 

Healing time of at least 8-12 weeks.

Price: 70, - EUR *

Frenulum / Frenum

A piercing just below the foreskin frenulum (frenum) towards penile shaft, since the ribbon itself is usually so thin and would fear tearing the hole. The puncturing of the thin soft skin is easy to make and really not so painful. It also cures relatively quickly. 

Healing is usually after about 6 to 8 weeks completed

Price: 60, - EUR *


Piercing in the perineum area between the anus and scrotum. The origin of this piercing is located in the South Pacific. It can affect uncomfortable while sitting, especially in the 

healing period (8 - 10 weeks)

Price: 70, - EUR *


The origin of this piercing is located in the Arab world. Piercing of the scrotum, and the greater part of the penis foreskin. It cures relatively quickly 

(4-6 weeks)

Price: 60, - EUR *


Mons pubis

Horizontal engraved on the upper base of the penis of abdominal ring is a true surface piercing, which should not be mechanically irritated during the healing and slightly grows. This complication can be minimized by the anatomical conditions customized jewelry. It should be really stung possible just above the base of the penis, since otherwise prolongs the healing period. As jewelry rings or ball pins are worn. 

Healing time 4 - 6 weeks

Price: 60, - EUR *

Oetang / Foreskin

Easy to stinging Piercing the front of the foreskin edge. In India and Burma this piercing was performed opposite in duplicate. This allowed the foreskin are sealed with rings or bands .So the male chastity has been preserved. The piercing is safe and heals very quickly 

(about 2-4 weeks).

Price: 60, - EUR *


Prince Albert

The name of this piercing comes from the husband of Queen Victoria. This Prince Albert ring runs through the frenulum in the urethra and exits at the urethral opening again. This so-called Prince Albert ring was used around the penis at Hosenknopf the former uniforms to attach. It is one of the classic and simple to carry out genital piercings. However, it should be ensured that the ring is not too thin, because too thin or too small ring cut over time and the urethra splits downright. Therefore the recommended ring thickness of about 3 - 5 mm in the beginning. It cures quickly 

(about 4 - 6 weeks).

Price: 90, - EUR *

Prince Albert Reverse

The reverse PA as the PA a piercing entering through the urethra, but emerges to the upper site the glans again. Execution: starting from the urethra, a small hole is pierced to the top of the glans. The healing time is longer, the maintenance complex than the PA and more like the Ampallang.

Price: 100, - EUR *

*) All prices incl. Jewelry (titanium, alternatively PTFE), maintenance material and guidance! 

Prince Albert piercing
hafadas at the scrotum
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