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sports massage

For many athletes the massage has long been a compulsory program. The many athletes, however, who do not have a support staff available, will consider them rather as a luxury. Nevertheless, the frequent course to the masseur or physiotherapist is also highly recommended. Because the massage is soothing and regenerating. Their range is broadly diversified! The following list does not claim to be complete, but gives a first impression of the physical and psychological effects:

The muscles, which are often painfully tense, are loosened.

The tense capacity of the relaxed muscle is significantly improved.

Tendons, ligaments and joints are activated.

Fluid accumulations (swellings) in the region of the joints can recoil.

The blood circulation is accelerated and the metabolism is improved.

The nervous system has a massage with a change in the excitement and inhibition processes. Immediately following a massage, the excitation level is inhibited, but after a few hours it is clearly increased with the consequence of greater performance and performance.

Nervousness and mental stress can be reduced.

The massage should be applied once or twice a week in normal training sessions and every second day during high-load periods, with the manual focus on the most heavily loaded muscle and joint regions. During the full body massage and acompetition should be at least 8 hours. Athletes with strong leg hair should shave the legs before the massage, in order to prevent a possible hair root inflammation. 

Pre-competition massage

The pre-competition massage has a loosening character for the musculature. It is intended to increase the elasticity and the tensioning force of the muscles. It is beneficial to loosen the musculature of the muscles to be used for 5 to 10 minutes after getting up in the morning and half an hour before the start. If the pre-competition is carried out by an experienced and sensitive masseur, it has a particularly positive effect on the psyche of the athlete as well as the physical effects. Excitement and emotional pressure, as they almost always occur before competitions, are reduced!

Revitalizing massage

The de-fatigue massage should start as soon as possible after exercise. It lasts at least 20 minutes, but it can also take up to an hour. The masseur uses predominantly slow and intensive strokes and strongly muscle-deforming kneading for the local removal of ascertained muscle hardening. Relaxing, shaking techniques are combined with dosed strains.

The efficacy of the de-fatigue massage is mainly determined by the improvement of blood circulation and the increased removal of metabolic products. In addition, during the massage, overload symptoms are detected and treated.


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