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 The Massage

is a stimulation therapy, manually all the tissues of the skin and muscles will be stimulated.

The classical massage is in disorders of the musculoskeletal system (skin, muscles, tendons, bones, joints) or for the prevention thereof recommended. 

The effect of the massage is:

- promoting blood circulation and metabolism 

at one site,  and on the other hand on 

- the irritation of nerves in the skin and muscles. 

In addition to increased blood circulation and relaxation of muscles, the mobility of the individual layers to one another is promoted dissolved adhesion and baking occurs.

Massage can be stimulating or soothing, depending on the speed and depth of the handles. You can relieve stress, eliminate headaches, relax tense and aching muscles and eliminate insomnia. Massage helps you counteract constant stress, rush and pressure.

The massage is a very old treatment - it is the oldest remedy at all. There is hardly a disease that can not be relieved by massage. But the touch of the hand triggers the body from reactions that affect both locally and across physically. A good massage affects all levels of being. Physically belongs to their benefit the relaxation and revitalization of the muscles; the venous blood flow is supported, the lymph flow is promoted; the connecting joint tissues are stretched. In addition, the massage has a positive effect on the human psyche in the sense of relaxation, sedation and general well-being.

Local effects of massage:

They affect skin and subcutaneous tissue with the nerve endings and blood and lymph vessels contained therein - in other muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules and the periosteum (periosteum).

The direct mechanical action leads to:

Stimulate the skin functions

Exciting the material exchange between the cells

Promotion of blood and lymph

Improve blood circulation in the muscles

Elasticity increase of tendons and ligaments

Stimulating the formation of synovial fluid

Improve circulation to the periosteum

Balancing the energy cycle (meridians)

 The course of massage

All downloadable massages are wellness and relaxation massages, ie they are suitable for all healthy people of all ages and offer a wonderful respite from everyday life.

The ceremony of massage consists of a possibly desired preliminary, the actual massage and rest period after it. 

Possible priorities may include:


Shoulder / neck

Head / face

Abdominal / chest

Legs (front and back)



In addition, let me know please if you possibly suffering from known allergies / intolerances, or other physical ailments are present, I have to consider in the treatment, if necessary! 

The Massage

There are been a lot of individual possibilities; communication during the massage (eg strength and pace of the massage or even a change of topic) is desirable and helpful.

The massage itself lasts according to your booking. During this time you are very comfortable, supported by pillows on a comfortable massage table.

A gentle introduction to the massage is used to warm up the muscles and the mood for relaxation.

Through pleasant touches and tensions you have the ability to consciously perceive your body and focus only on the hands and relaxing music in the background. So they are allowed to release the body and mind. 

Rest period

After completion of the massage I will leave the room, and you may still rest, remember to slow again in the "return reality" .

At the end you get the opportunity to discuss the experience and the sensation or just for a few minutes at a glass of water or a cup of tea, as far as you want this, to soak up the atmosphere.

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